The Process

Step 1: Understanding the wounding

Wounds open up peoples’ lives, and working with our wounds opens to our vocational life… and the road to deep healing.

I bring to our work together may years of training and practice in classical Jungian analysis and spiritual practice as well as modern group analysis which I have adapted to our changing times to enable the beginnings of an intimate dialog with oneself and others.

– Gary Brown

Step 2: Forging Personal Transformation and the New Self.

The work uniquely combines classical Jungian Analysis, with wisdom derived from the spiritual teachings of the world. Forging the “new self” and finding one’s own personal way back home begins with accessing the wisdom of your own deep unconscious. The process is not unlike the ancient techniques and metallurgy in Alchemy, used for centuries to forge or to add or restore strength and resilience to cutting tools. Similarly, our work together reshapes and strengthens the new self by using the natural resources of the unconscious self through embodied dreamwork, sandtray, visual arts, and other imaginal work, and progressive emotional group therapy as well as individual analysis.

Inner conflicts are reflected in the outer world and the world we share with others, as dilemmas, traumatic fears, phobias, stalemates in relationships, and work. Carl Jung said, “Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.” As a Jungian Analyst, Gary uses a collage of verbal, non-verbal therapies, including group therapy, and embodied dream work.