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My Psychoanalysis Will Help You With:

  • Overcoming anxiety, depression, and trauma.
  • Enhancing your sense of self, both internally and in the world.
  • Resolving inner conflicts and find clarity and meaning in your life.
  • Developing more satisfying relationships.
  • Learning how to enjoy your work more.

Here’s what you can expect with my sessions:

“Gary Brown not only brings his vast knowledge and experience to bring people forward in each and every session, but also infuses the process with depth of wisdom and insight making every session that much more impactful. He provides a caring, compassionate and encouraging presence on this meandering path back home to your Self. Can’t recommend him more wholeheartedly to anyone seeking to experience themselves in a more whole, meaningful, and empowered way.”

—Monika Keano

$150-200 per session

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Gary Brown
180 Riverside Blvd.
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New York, NY 10069